Thursday, July 16, 2015

What is Hibernate ORM(object-relational mapping)?

Hibernate ORM ( Object Relational Mapping) in the short form called as Hibernate is a framework which is being used for performing all the tasks which are related to Database operations.
So seems like quite complex but do not worry just go through the following points and than you will get to know more above Hibernate : -
  1. OOP : -Main aim of hibernate is to convert the basic SQL queries and operations which we do into the Object Oriented Paradigm.
  2. JAVA POJO(Plain Old Java Object) : - All of your database table will be represented with the JAVA class know as POJO(Plain Old Java Object)
  3. NO SQL : - So you do not have to deal with SQL queries all you need is to play with the JAVA POJO classes.
  4. HQL(Hibernate Query Language) : -Hibernate provides HQL (Hibernate Query Language) which is much a like SQL(Structured Query Language) for writing the database queries for performing Database operations.
  5. INTEGRATION : – Hibernate is quite good at integration and it can be integrated with any JAVA, JAVA EE, EJB, JBI application.
If you are new to the Hibernate and beginner in the JAVA than it will look like a lot in your plate to eat. But do not worry we will have each bite one by one. So seat tight we have lot of topics which will explain you how to start working with the Hibernate.

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