Friday, October 14, 2016

Build your own facebook app

Objective : – In this article we will have look on the new changes which facebook has made for the “Facebook GRAPH API”.
In this article we will have look on the detail steps which we need to follow to create “Facebook App” for website.
Steps: -
  • Click on the option “My Apps” and than select option “Add a New App”
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen on the pop-up you need to mention “Display Name”, “Contact Email” and choose suitable “Category”.
  • Once you “Create App” you will be redirected to “App Dhashboard”. Please have look on the below screen
  • Next important step would be to find the “App ID” and “App Secret”. To find those details just click on the “Dashboard” link below your app name e.g. “NewDemoApp”.
  • Next step would be to make your facebook app public to people, so that everyone can use your facebook app. To make the app public just click onto the link “App Review” and enable button located under “Make NewDemoApp public?”
Now you facebook application is ready with v2.8 version.
  1. Following the above steps you are now familiar with the “”
  2. After reading this article, now you can create your own facebook app with APP ID, App Secret.
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