Friday, October 14, 2016

Create Facebook Access Token

Facebook provides “Access Token Tool” facility which can be used to generate access token for all the “Facebook App” which you have created.
“Access Token Tool” can be used for the following purpose : -
  1. Getting the new “Access Token”
  2. Debugging the “Access Token” (Here debugging term means checking the expiry of token, validity of token, scopes)
  3. Extend Access Token
We will take one step at a time. Let’s have look on our first point -
1. Getting the new “Access Token: – In our previous post we have seen “How to build your own facebook page” and created a app called “NewDemoApp”. Now here in this article we will create access token for the App “NewDemoApp”.
  • First step is we need to login to “”.
  • Once you logged-in into the facebook developer’s account goto “Tools & Support”.
  • After clicking on the “Tools & Support” further down the screen you can see a link for “Access Token Tool”, please click on the link.
  • Once you click on the “Access Token Tool” it will redirect you to new page and there you can find your facebook app “NewDemoApp” which you have created previously.
  • Now you are alomost ready to create the access token for your app, just click on the link “need to grant permissions”
  • A pop-up message will appear on the screen with caption “Access Token created”
  • Just click on continue and your access token is now ready. Please have a look the screencast below (Actual token is blurred due to security reason)
Conclusion : -
  1. In this article we have seen how to use “Access Token tool”
  2. Following the above steps you can generate the “Access Token” for your app
In the next article we will focus on “How to debug the Access Token?” and “How to Extend the Access Token Validity?”
Click on the below link for debugging and Exteding the access token validity

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