Monday, July 27, 2015

Facebook app creation

This post is old. Please have a look at my new post "Build your own facebook app"

Objective: - The aim of this article is to walk you through all the steps which are required for the creation of "Facebook App".

Please go through the below steps for the facebook app creation:- 

  • Open the browser and goto "" and login via your facebook account following page will get open

  • Just click on the My Apps and then click on the Add a New App link

  • After that you need to select the Facebook App type, whether you are going to create for Windows, Mac, Android or Web application. For our case we will choose the option WWW. Please look at the screen shot below

  • Now the next step would be to assign an unique name to your application and than click on Create New Facebook App ID.

  • After click on the Create New Facebook App ID you need to select the category for the Facebook APP. Just refer to the below screen shot and select the suitable category for it and click on the Create APP ID

  • Next step would be you need to specify the URL of your application. If you are a developer and working on your development machine than you can specify either http://localhost or If you are have custom domain than you can specify that one also Ex. Please refer to the follow screen shot

  • Once you click on the Next button your Facebook APP creation is done. You will get the following message on the screen 

  • Now again refresh the URL : - and goto My Apps - > DummyTestApplication

Above post is old. Please have a look at my new post "Build your own facebook app"

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